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Like Their Owners?

Posted on October 3, 2010 at 4:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Sporadically, I check things like the front page and about the author sections of this blog for accuracy. On my most recent check a couple of days ago, something suddenly dawned upon me.


From the front page of Q&L:

My Princess has a personality like no other, and I completely love her to bits. She is prissy, contrary, set in her ways, fickle, grumpy, clumsy, curious, moody, impatient, intelligent, resourceful, loving, snoozey, needy, playful, dopey, talkative, coquettish, cheeky, friendly, stubborn, eccentric, easily bribed, and a complete diva.


I've always thought it a cliche that pets resemble their owners, but what happens if you switch that cliche and says people resemble their pets?


Let's go through the list of 'Tifa's traits and see if they could be attributed to me too:

  • Prissy - more often than I'd like to admit
  • Contrary - also more often than I'd like to admit
  • Set in her ways - without a doubt
  • Fickle - goodness, yes
  • Grumpy - oh yes
  • Clumsy - unfortunately true
  • Curious - ish
  • Moody - hmmmm; ask The Jamie
  • Impatient - hell yes
  • Intelligent - I don't see it; but it is something that has been used to describe me
  • Resourceful - I'd like to think so
  • Loving - in the right context
  • Snoozey - unfortunately
  • Needy - occassionally
  • Playful - perhaps not as much as I once was, but yes
  • Dopey - unfortunately
  • Talkative - yup
  • Coquettish - I'm too old, but formerly maybe
  • Cheeky - yeah
  • Friendly - I hope so
  • Stubborn - definitely
  • Eccentric - and proud of it
  • Easily bribed - yeah




Maybe there is something to that old cliche after all...


M x 


Latifa's Guest Appearance Over At GGWF

Posted on September 7, 2010 at 12:34 AM Comments comments (0)

As regular readers will know, I write another blog by the name of Grumpy Gay Wrestling Fan: it's a lot more blunt, forthright and ranty than Q&L and is aimed at a more mature audience - it's about my experiences and views about matters involving LGBT in professional wrestling. And yes, I do flagrantly promote it quite often on this blog. I also enjoy writing 'crossover blogs' that I slightly adapt for the two seperate audiences, but essentially post the same thing (the last blog here being a prime example).


The latest entry on GGWF is still technically a crossover blog but I'd never actual post said entry on Q&L because, frankly, one of the images on this blog is too graphic and Q&L is a family friendly website.


However, the more mature readers here might like to see what was written. The specific entry is here.


M x

Twittering Queen

Posted on September 2, 2010 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Do you follow Queen and Latifa on Twitter? if not, it's @queenandlatifa.


As much as it could be considered a cop out, I tweet a lot more often than I blog. Such is the nature of the beast of having a busy life and two blogs, but sometimes there really is only time to do a quick tweet rather than a whole blog. I like to think that microblogging at least allows me a presence every day however little time I have. I also like to think that the gleeful, peculiar charm and cat obsession of Q&L is still there with the Twitter updates. The requirement to be concise is potentially a very good thing! After all, I do whitter on when given a free reign sometimes!


I really like Twitter actually. I have four other accounts that you might be interested in too:

  • @GGWFMark - The twitter for my other blog which is about wrestling (please note that the language isn't family friendly)
  • @QandLMark - An account that is just my random thoughts sans kitty or wrestling
  • @GlittergemWoW - An account for my World of Warcraft character! Yes, I am that sad!
  • @UoSLGBTStaff - The account I manage for the LGBT Staff Network at my place of work (I am its Chair)

Have fun,


M x


Posted on July 29, 2010 at 10:12 PM Comments comments (1)

Whilst at work today, I interviewed a colleague for the LGBT Staff Network's newsletter (I'm the Chair of said Network and the Editor of said newsletter). For this task, I borrowed a rather snazzy modern digital 'dictaphone' (it records MP3s rather than use tapes) from our techies, and as with most gadgets, I instantly wanted one. This is the first time since last year that I have needed (or, indeed, ever thought about) a dictaphone, so my mind wandered as to what I could possibly use a digital dictaphone for to be able to justify the purchase of one. I contemplated whether or not I could use one for either of my blogs, and thought to myself: 'how awesome would it be to interview 'Tifa and post it to my blog?!'


Then I realised that it wouldn't be awesome, it would be utterly ridiculous even for this undeniably utterly ridiculous (albeit fabulous) blog! It wouldn't be funny; it'd just be further evidence, if any is required, for when the men in the white coats come to get me.


No digital dictaphone for me!


M x

Goodbye My Corduroyed Life!

Posted on July 28, 2010 at 11:03 PM Comments comments (0)

Before Q&L, there was My Corduroyed Life (please note that it is not family friendly with its language). However, after 7 years of blogging at My Corduroyed Life but over 6 months of neglect, I officially announced on MCL that it is no longer an active blog and I do not intend to further update it. For posterity, I will leave it up as I've opened up my heart and mind over the last 7 years, and it's an interesting (and, of course, self-indulgent) chronicle of how my life has developed over more than a quarter of my life.


When I moved on to the blog pastures new of Q&L and Grumpy Gay Wrestling Fan, I fully intended to continue to update (albeit infrequently) MCL. MCL never had a focus inasmuch as it was just my blog about me and life in general. What Q&L and GGWF gave me was a focused topic/ premise that I've found benefits me with constant inspiration and motivation. I've been revitalised by this focus (something I always bemoaned that MCL lacked) and have thoroughly got back into blogging (and, indeed, microblogging on the Q&L and GGWF themes). But even Q&L and GGWF are penalised by my lack of time to write everything that I want to write: I have a notebook by the side of my PC full of notes for blog ideas for both of them, and looking at this increasing number of unwritten entries for the two of them, I realised that it's just not realistic to think that I'll ever want to allocate time to MCL when there's so many Q&L and GGWF entries to write.


MCL may have been layed to rest, but my blog legacy will continue with my new(er) babies Q&L and GGWF. If you're ever really, really bored, why not have a read through MCL and see just how neurotic I really am!


M x

Q&L Webcomic?

Posted on July 19, 2010 at 10:22 PM Comments comments (0)

It has always pained me that I have absolutely no talent when it comes to drawing. Like absolutely zero talent to the point of nothing but laughable, paper wasting atrocities when I even attempt to draw. The recent Trans Cat Guest posts have only made the fact that I can't do a Q&L webcomic even more painful because Andrew's drawings of 'Tifa are so awesome and spot on!


But then I saw this cuddleh kitteh at the RSPCA Summer Fayre over the weekend:






As you can see, it kind of looks a bit like 'Tifa. This got me thinking: my mate mcphee used to do a webcomic called Monkeys Like Us where he used Teddies to make his comic, thus transcending the need for any artistic skill. So, if I can acquire a Ken doll/ Action Man/ Troll with its hair chopped off/ soft toy that looks vaguely like me, I could cheat like 'phee did and actually start a webcomic! And that would be awesome!


And even if I don't, it gives me an excuse to go to Toys R Us. Yay!


M x


Queen and Another Queen and Latifa

Posted on July 19, 2010 at 6:23 PM Comments comments (0)

I have changed the About The Author section of this blog…


It used to read as follows:

Mark is a single, 31 year old, gay guy originally from Wolverhampton who now resides in a flat in Salford, England.


He considers himself to be unapologetically and gleefully peculiar (which is probably why he doesn’t have a boyfriend)…


It doesn’t any more because I am no longer single. Yup, there is a chap out there that is actually loony enough to want to be my boyfriend, and even better, I think he’s ace too!


Minor detail is that he is allergic to cats (particularly white cats). Poor Jamie: every time he comes round mine, he has to pop an antihistamine otherwise ‘Tifa will make his face explode!


I am happy to report that ‘Tifa likes him and graces him with her presence both demanding attention and sitting in his lap.




M x

Planned Hiatus

Posted on June 30, 2010 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I neglect both Queen and Latifa and Grumpy Gay Wrestling Fan. As much as I love both of my blogs and I always have good intentions, entry ideas get abandoned in favour of a visit to the pub or World of Warcraft or a chill out in front of the telly watching old school wrestling with a cat in my lap. This is the nature of the beast, and being a frighteningly obsessive perfectionist, neither blog are as frequently updated with scintillating entries as I'd like. I guess my readership mirror this frustration.


So, yeah, I have occasional hiatuses on both blogs that are never intended, but are, frankly, an inevitability of having a busy life! Obviously, there will inevitably be hiatuses between now and November, but in November, there's a hiatus that I'm actually planning!


I've signed up to take part in the National Novel Writing Month in November this year. Go check out their website and see if you fancy it, but in a nutshell, it's a challenge to write a full novel in a month with tens of thousands of other people doing the same. I'm incredibly excited about this: I've got my idea, I've started my research (and by research, I mean printed off some Wikipedia pages - Rome wasn't built in a day!), and I've even downloaded open office. But the downside of this is that I am writing off the month of November socially, and this also means no Q&L or GGWF for the month of November.


Apologies in advance for November's barren blog landscape, but why not join me in this endeavor? I defy you to not be intreagued and tempted by this awesome project! After all, everyone says that they'd like to write a book some day, don't they? Why not do what I'm doing: use NaNoWriMo as the spur to finally make you do it?!


M x

My Mom's Cats

Posted on May 9, 2010 at 10:19 PM Comments comments (0)

I've been meaning to write this blog since I started Q&L, but never got round to it. And before anyone says that I'm mean, I have asked my mom's permission to write this entry.


My mom has no desire to have a cat, but she does like them (she even likes 'Tifa despite the fact that the diva has punched her), and has always been pleased when a cat enters the garden. To the point where she names the ones that come in regularly. And I just love the way she names them on their appearance or behaviour. It must have been around a decade that she's been doing it, and here is a list of 'mom's cats'.


  • Ginge - because he was ginger
  • Patch - because she was a white cat with a black patch on her side
  • Little Miss Naughty - because she attempted (and regularly succeeded when the patio doors were open in Summer) to enter mom and dad's house
  • Ginge 2 - because he was the second ginger cat and there was already a ginge
  • Ugly - because he had an ugly face!


My mom is wonderfully, gleefully daft and makes me smile with her joie de vivre. To a huge degree, I think that my own relishment of my own peculiarity and sense of fun is genetic from her. And because her daftness makes me smile, I thought that it might do the same for you.


M x

Rude Hotmail!

Posted on April 26, 2010 at 8:58 PM Comments comments (0)

When I set up both of my blogs, I also set up seperate 'branded' hotmail addresses for them both too. It only recently struck me that, due to the name settings I decided upon for both addresses, hotmail is incredibly rude to me every time that I log in!


Take a look at these:




Q&L Hotmail greeting





GGWF Hotmail greeting




Hmmmm... I'm not sure that Bill Gates knows me well enough to refer to me as either 'Queen' or 'Grumpy Gay'. :wink:


M x

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