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Knitty Kitty

Posted on September 8, 2010 at 11:38 PM Comments comments (0)

With a title like 'knitty kitty', I suspect you've got an idea about what this blog entry is about. You're probably right.


Both The Jamie (my boyfriend) and I have knitting projects at the moment. The Jamie is making a very long scarf a la Tom Baker's Doctor Who for the Winter, and I'm working on a necktie a la Colin Baker's Doctor Who got a fancy dress costume. Our coolness knows no bounds, but that's beside the point.


Stereotypically, cats really like wool. 'Tifa is clearly a stereotype.


So... As I'm sure you've worked out, there is an unfortunate clash here.


The Jamie and I were sat in front of the telly last weekend, innocently getting on with our knitting whilst watching the telly. A loud 'meow' from 'Tifa announced her arrival into the room, and I fear my giggle at Jamie's exasperation at her arrival was not the most appropriate reaction that I could have had. Past experience of terrorisation had made Jamie justifiably cautious. True to form of making his life miserable in a way that amuses me, 'Tifa immediately went for his knitting. Poor Jamie was horrifed and ineffectually attempted to brush her away whilst attempting to be subtle as to not encourage a clawing. I am made of sterner stuff and batted her away. We earned a hiss for our troubles. I don't like it when she hisses at me because, as she only does it very occassionally when upset, you know you've really annoyed her when she does it.


'Tifa really likes wool when it is being knitted. It is pretty much impossible to knit if the diva is in the room as she'll go for your knitting. And by 'go for', I mean really pounce and attack and go nuts. Poor Jamie: imagine the horror one must experience when something that you're desperately allergic to actually goes for you!


In an attempt to distract the kitty away from our precious knitting projects, I cut off some wool and dangled it in front of her. She went absolutely crazy enthusiastic for it. More so than any other dangley toy that I've ever used (and she goes pretty mad for them, I can tell you). She was loving it (and so was I to be honest - she was so cute going all nutty for the wool!). However, as soon as I wasn't dangling it and dropped it on the floor, she was instantly indifferent to it and went back to wanting to attack either The Jamie's or my knitting. Blooming awkward kitty!


As yet, I have come with no solution to 'Tifa obsession with my knitting other than stop knitting when she is in the room. Even that isn't enough sometimes and my knitting has to be put on a high shelf out of attack range.


As it's so very cute, I can't be annoyed with the diva's obsession with my knitting. I'm not so sure that the same can be said for The Jamie!


Have fun,


M x

Alas, Poor Bob

Posted on August 10, 2009 at 11:23 PM Comments comments (0)

Remember Bob?

Bob is the cat toy that 'Tifa loves to give a good kicking.


I arrived home this evening to discover this:



The Diva Kitty is clearly proud of her achievement!




Poor Bob!




In the space of two weeks, 'Tifa has managed to disembowel poor old Bob. I'd use the term 'long suffering' to describe Bob, but realistically, he has been abused so constantly over the last couple of weeks, that 'frequently' is probably more apt that 'long'. At least he's been put out his misery now, right?


Actually, no.


After I threw away the stuffing, 'Tifa still loves to give the empty 'skin' of poor Bob a kicking, and continues to abuse him! It appears that his torture is far from over.


Poor Bob!


M x


Posted on July 31, 2009 at 11:32 PM Comments comments (1)

Meet Bob:







I purchased Bob on a whim last weekend when I was in Wilkos for more cat litter, and I walked past the toys and treats. I named him Bob as a whim too. After I bought Bob, I scolded myself because 'Tifa isn't bothered by cat toys other than the fishing rod interactive type ones, and she'd ignore Bob. Or so I thought.


I presented 'Tifa with Bob (who has a chord that if you pull, he'll speed off along the floor). She eyed him up momentarily and then pounced on him! I looked on incredulously: since when did she like toys like this? Still, it at least meant that Bob wasn't a waste of 99p.


Over the last week, 'Tifa has decided that she really likes Bob. She thoroughly enjoys giving Bob a damned good kicking. Bob has been whacked and clawed and kicked and tossed across the whole flat. I keep finding Bob in different rooms: every time I stop paying attention or go out, he's been beaten up and chased into another room! It's very cute when 'Tifa gets Bob stuck in her claws and shakes him off like a comedy cartoon crab on someone's finger. When she does this and Bob finally comes unstuck, she wangs him incredibly far distances and this amuses me.


I wonder why 'Tifa likes Bob so much? Bob is larger than any other cat toy of a similar type that she's ever had, so that might be it? Maybe he has catnip inside him? Perhaps the shape of him, which lends itself to bouncing about when he is wanged, is what makes him appealing? Or is it simply because he has a cute, squished up face?


Whatever the reason for my kitty liking Bob, I'm pleased that 'Tifa has a new 'friend'. But poor old Bob!


M x

String Radar

Posted on May 31, 2009 at 7:13 PM Comments comments (0)

I really think that 'Tifa has a 6th sense for when I have some string.


The two times that I have been working with string since I got my kitty, she has, within seconds, arrived on the scene and disrupted me. I was making a fishing rod for a garden gnome outfit (long story - I have peculiar friends) in March and she was so into the string that I had to remove her from the room and shut the door. Then last week I was restringing a picture frame, and she was instantly there having a go at the string making it impossible to do what I was doing. Alas, kitty was once again removed and shut out.


On both occassions she'd been in the other room totally ignoring me until I got the string out. There was no way that she could visually know that I had string, yet she was there within seconds on both occassions. Seriously, the diva kitty has string radar: I'm convinced...


M x

Spectacles are not a cat toy, puss!

Posted on April 24, 2009 at 12:14 PM Comments comments (0)

Silly puss!

I have previously mentioned that 'Tifa doesn't like any cat toys other than string. I have subsequently invested in a fab interactive cat toy which is a cute little fishing rod with a cuddley fish at the end. She loves it, and I love to play with her. Hooray for the diva kitty being lovely!

So, yes, she's not really interested in any other cat toys. So why in the world does the crazy kitty give my specs such attention if I take them off to read, and put them down to the side of me on the sofa? She bounds up, and goes right for them attacking them with the gusto she only usually reserves for the cuddley fish! Of all the things to be interested in, why does she have to be interested in my specs? I'd be utterly lost without them, so it's not like I can be laid back about her playing with them. She's incensed when I take them off her too. I've had to resort to keeping them in a case in a drawer overnight to stop her attacking them! It's just bizarre that nothing else ever interests her to play with except my specs!


Mad cat!

M x

The Cat Toys Incident

Posted on April 19, 2009 at 5:47 PM Comments comments (1)

When I got 'Tifa, I wanted her to be happy. As such, I bought a load of toys for her.


I presented her with a ping pong ball: utter indifference.

I presented her with a plastic cage with a bell inside: utter indifference.

I presented her with feathery dangley thing: utter indifference.

I presented her with a brightly coloured cuddley mouse: minor interest, then utter indifference.


So I thought, 'fair enough, puss don't like toys and isn't a particularly playful kitty. That's fine, she's pretty and likes being stroked. As such, I stopped giving her things.


A few days later, I was working with some string, and 'Tifa enthusiastically bounded over and started to gleefully and enthusiastically attack the dangling string. I was elated! So I dangled the string in front of her, and she was loving it! Hooray! She spent a good 20 minutes being adorably cute chasing, attacking, and pouncing upon said string. So I'd cracked it! Purely by accident.


Just goes to show that you don't need to spend money on stuff to keep a kitty entertained.  In a similar vein to kids who love the cardboard box that the expensive present was is, my kitty is much more interested in a dangled piece of mundane string than any manufactured cat toy! Good for her! I loved cardboard boxes when I was a kid!


M x

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