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Vote Bruiser!

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This is Bruiser:






I love Bruiser nearly as much as ‘Tifa. He is awesome! Bruiser is part of the RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch's rescue animal of the year contest, and I really want him to win!


On the RSPCA website, I am quoted as saying the following:

Having adopted my cat Tifa from the branch in 2009 with the same personality as Bruiser I couldn't help but follow his plight for a new home. Tifa can be such a diva kitteh at times so I knew exactly what kind of home Bruiser needed. I really wanted to adopt him but Tifa would not have allowed such a thing so instead I did all I could to promote him on my blog Queen and Latifa.


Poor Bruiser reminded me of my girl: older, black and white, set in his ways, and no-one wanted him!


Also, Bruiser is undeniable a massive lump with an ugly face! Personally, I love him all the more for this, but you can see why shallow people might have gone for a more aesthetically pleasing cat over poor Bruiser and this happened time after time after time for the poor boy! It’s no coincidence that Bruiser was without a home for a whopping 9 months (roughly five times the usual turnaround for a rescue cat). I really did desperately want to adopt him as month after month went by without a shred of interest in him!


So please take a moment to click this link and VOTE BRUISER!


Thank you!


M x


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Take a look at this beautiful girl:






Since I started my voluntary work with the RSPCA, I've met a lot of lovely people and a lot of lovely cats! Whenever I'm around the charity shop in Chorlton, the staff have inevitably overspilled from the cattery and have rescue cats resident in their offices. This was where I met Tinker.


Tinker is a beautiful, long haired kitty cat. The thing is, like 'Tifa, she's a little older and has cattitude. When I met Tinker, she'd been with the RSPCA for a couple of months. Subsequently, a couple of months became three, then six, and still nobody wanted Tinker. It was at this point that she became my favourite: I always thought she was fab because she reminded me of my diva, but being the soppy old queen that I am, I started to get upset that no-one had wanted her for such a long time.


Sure, she greets everyone with a hiss, but that didn't mean she was mean - it was just her way. Sure, she eats food like it's going out of fashion and gets huffy if you don't give her lots of food, but that didn't mean that she didn't deserve a forever home. But I guess I can see why people went for more manageable cats than Tinker.


So I asked the staff at the RSPCA if I could adopt her. I was immediately told no because she and 'Tifa would have fought each other and could never get on. Dejected by the truth, I gave up on the idea, and just watched as the months passed and poor Tinker was constantly overlooked making me sad.


But this story has a happy ending: the picture is on Tinker in her new home with a couple who adore her because of her funny ways. It's this kind of thing that makes the voluntary work worth it.


M x

RSPCA Home Visitor

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I'm dead chuffed!


It's something that I've wanted to do for a while, but this was my first opportunity to attend the training: I am now officially an RSPCA Volunteer Home Visitor. I have a certificate, and everything!


My new volunteer work isa vital part of the adoption process for rescue cats from the RSPCA. I have opted not to do other animals as I'm not really aware of the issues involved with animals other than cats, but it is possible to be a home visitor for any rescue animals. I am responsible for going to potential new owners' homes and assessing whether they'll be appropriate owners for the cat that they want. I remember Beth, the Home Visitor who came to my flat, being particularly lovely: you're there not to just check that everything is appropriate there for the people to become pet owners, but also to offer advice that the potential new owners might need. If the people pass, you then subsequently do a second visit to check that the kitty has settle in and that everything is okay for both the people and the kitty.


It's an opportunity for me to give something back to the wonderful people whom I got 'Tifa from. It's also an opportunity for me to meet many, many kitties! Hooray!


If anything interesting arises from any of my home visits, I'll be sure to post something on Q&L!


M x

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