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Posted on June 3, 2010 at 10:43 PM Comments comments (0)

You may remember a few months back, that I let you know that I'm taking part in a talking books scheme.


I was at a talking book event in Stockport Library last week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was clearly the most flippant book there, but that's a good thing. Amongst stories about dealing with epilepsy, atrocities of a dictatorial regime, and the experiences of a war veteran post war, I genuinely believe that Q&L was a much needed light touch. The scheme is about diversity and I'm certainly that compared to the other participants!


As I was preparing myself for the session, reading through old entries; printing them; etc, I suddenly had a brainwave. Obviously, I can't take 'Tifa with me: not only would it be a nightmare to get her in the cat carrier, it wouldn't be fair on the poor kitty to uproot her from her territory and imagine inflicting a cat on a library?! So I decided to make a cardboard cutout of her!


After all, I've always said that 'Tifa is the star of this blog, and she should be the star of my talking blook sessions. So while I was reading extracts from this blog to the over 65s, there was a cardboard cutout of the diva on the table next to me! It amused me, even if it probably only made the audience think I'm odd!


Afterwards, back at the flat, I just couldn't resist taking this photo:




"I am NOT amused with you making facsimiles of my image!"



I laugh at this pic every time; I hope you do too.


M x


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