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Q&L Seasonal Card 2010

Posted on December 7, 2010 at 1:39 PM

Seasons’ Greetings to all my friends and blog readers!


As I have done for a number of years now, I’m not sending out paper greeting cards for the usual reasons. Without wishing to be a preachy, environmentalist, save the planet nutter, it is clearly better for the environment to send an electronic card rather than chopping down trees to say what can be said on my blog. Beyond this, as always, the money I save by not paying for paper cards is given to a charity. This year, unsurprisingly, I have once again decided to give a donation to the RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch. So you may not have a paper card from me that you’ll throw away in January, but you did get goodwill vibes and the satisfaction that some money went to helping out poor kitties in the situation that ‘Tifa was in before I adopted her: homeless and with nobody to love them (yet!).


Also, I would find writing out cards incredibly tedious, and those other two convenient reasons give me a good reason not to!


Another thing that using this medium allows me is the opportunity to do something a little more personalised. So here you go, a proper Q&L seasonal greeting for you:







I say it every year, but one the biggest things that I am proud of in my life is that I have made a huge amount of truly fantastic friends all over the country and, indeed, the world. That’s you, that is. I am humbled that I can consider so many decent, amazing, and diverse people as my friends. Thank you for being one of those people that make my life awesome.


And with that, all that is left for me to say is that I hope that you have a relaxing and enjoyable seasonal break, and a prosperous and happy New Year.



Have fun,



Mark & ‘Tifa


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