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Three Names

Posted on February 6, 2011 at 3:48 PM

Considering that I consider myself something of a Sci-Fi fan, it's was shameful that at 32 years of age, I'd never seen Logan's Run. This shocking omission was rectified yesterday at a friend's Sci-Fi film evening (yes, I really am that nerdy... and so are my friends!).


There is a character that we meet later on in the film simply known as 'Old Man' that is played by Peter Ustinov (who is, frankly, the only actor in the whole thing who can actually do his job with any skill whatsoever but that's by the by). The Old Man was an awesome character! He is quite clearly a little bit bonkers, and lives on his own with hundreds of cats whom he dotes upon. My friends cracked that that would be me when I was 80. And, well, it was a fair cop, to be honest, wasn't it?!


This a quote from the Old Man about cats that I particularly liked:

“You know, they've each got three names. Yes. The naming of cats is a difficult matter, It's just not one of your holiday games; You may think at first that I am mad as a hatter, When I tell you that each cat's got three different names. See, they got their ordinary name and then they got their fancy name. And that makes two names, doesn't it? And now it's got a third name. Can either of you two guess what that third name is? (beat) Come on! (beat) Above and beyond, there's one name that's left over, and this is the name you never will guess. The name that no human research can discover, but the cat itself knows, and never will confess.”

(Thank you Wikiquote!)



Latifa is obviously 'Tifa's 'ordinary name'.

But what of the other two?


I am inspired to give 'Tifa a 'fancy name', but I am currently unable to come up with one that I am totally happy with. I was thinking something along the lines of 'Gentle Princess Magnificent and Splendiferous'.

What do you think? In fact, why not reply to this blog with a suggestion for me?


As for 'the name that no human research can discover', well, I fear I shall go mad if I ever attempt to research it, so I'll have to resign myself to never knowing it. It's not as if she ever sees any other cats to be able to tell them anyway!


As a side note, some vague internet 'research' informed me that the character's cat naming thing is partially inspired by a TS Eliot book, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats which I have now resolved to read (despite it not being available on Kindle!).


Have fun,


M x

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