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She Really Likes Me!

Posted on March 24, 2011 at 7:19 PM

My aforementioned houseguest Andy left today, and I was actually really quite sad was about it. Considering what an isolationist I can often be and that I have lived on my own for the best part of a decade (except for an ill-advised 6 months with an ex-boyfriend that was sort of imposed upon me rather than by choice – long story!), this actually surprised me. However, Andy’s month(ish) long stay has made me discover something about my princess that I didn’t know up until now.


The diva kitty, however much she might actually try to hide it with her diva antics and façade of indifference, actually enjoys, nay craves, human company!


Here’s the evidence:

Every workday, I leave her alone in the flat for somewhere between 7 and 9 hours. When I get back, I am greeted with much meowing and purring and cat headbutts and fuss. I’d always assumed that it was merely begging for treats rather than actually wanting my company, but I was wrong.

With Andy in the flat all day, she no longer immediately greeted me upon my arrival home despite the fact that he didn’t give her treats at any point during the day! However, she would spend large amounts of the day sat with/ on him.


I rest my case!


‘Tifa, you’ve been rumbled!


M x

Categories: Mark's Neurosis, 'Tifa's Divaness, Cute Kitty

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