Queen and Latifa

I'm the queen; she's Latifa



My name is Mark and I’m gay; my cat is called Latifa: hence the ‘witty’ title of this blog.

Her name is Latifa, but I call her ‘Tifa for short. I also call her ‘Mrs’, 'Princess', 'Little Miss Meow Meow', 'My Girl', 'Honeybunch' and 'Diva'.

‘Tifa became my cat in the first week of February 2009 when I decided to adopt an RSPCA rescue cat, and approached my local branch. She was a nine(ish) year old, black and white short hair whose previous owners were no longer able to look after her, leaving her homeless. When I met her at the cat sanctuary, she was affectionate, friendly, and meowed a lot. I instantly fell in love with her. Little did I know what I had let myself in for and that she is a complete diva!

Until I got a cat of my own, I really didn't think much about the claims made by cat owners that 'all cats have a different personality'. However, I couldn't have been more wrong! My Princess has a personality like no other, and I completely love her to bits. She is prissy, contrary, set in her ways, fickle, grumpy, clumsy, curious, moody, impatient, intelligent, resourceful, loving, snoozey, needy, playful, dopey, talkative, coquettish, cheeky, friendly, stubborn, eccentric, easily bribed, and a complete diva.

My cat is amazing and deserves her diva escapades to be documented, and this blog is dedicated to documenting the daft, diva princess behaviour of my beloved moggy and her interactions with me. It’s a light-hearted labour of love that I hope will bring a smile to people’s faces whether you know me and ‘Tifa personally or not.

I hope you enjoy my blog almost as much as I enjoy having my Diva Kitty in my life.


Mark x