Queen and Latifa

About The Author


Mark Adams 

Mark is a 32 year old, gay guy originally from Wolverhampton who now resides in a flat in Salford, England. 

He considers himself to be unapologetically and gleefully peculiar (and he is eternally grateful to his boyfriend who not only tolerates his oddness but also tolerates 'Tifa whom he is allergic to). He is an out and proud geek, and enjoys board games, roleplaying games, World of Warcraft, and geeky telly such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Heroes, Lost, Prison Break, etc. He enjoys reading and is a member of a book group. His music taste is eclectic and includes everything from metal to classical to cheesy pop to electro to indie to desi to techno to classic rock to random obscurity.

Mark is the Chair of the LGBT Staff Network at his place of work and a member of his local community's LGBT Association. He volunteers as a Home Visitor for his local RSPCA branch, and also reads for his local newspaper for the blind.

He adores his cat. But you probably already guessed that.