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Goodbye. Thanks for reading.

Posted on February 8, 2012 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I have been putting off writing this entry because it’s going to be the last.


I don’t really want to end on a downer, but there was only ever going to be one way to close this blog: my cat dying. Just before Christmas, Latifa had a stroke and I had to make the difficult decision to have her put to sleep. I won’t attempt to put into words how devastated I was to lose my princess who had bought me so much joy for three years, but I do take some solace from be empowered by my vet to be able to end her pain.


My life was changed for the better by having Latifa in it, and I hope that anyone reading this enjoyed the blog over that time and what I hope was infectious enthusiasm about the wonderful, wonderful diva kitty. She really was one of a kind.


I have a new cat now. Her name is Pasha. She is a very different cat to Latifa. She is cheeky, tenacious, loving, easily distracted, confident, greedy, soppy, playful, good natured, friendly, endlessly full of energy, unfazed by anything, and an absolute cuddle monster. She is also tabby and white and only 2. I was very lonely after Latifa died, and Pasha made me happy once more. She’s not Latifa, and I don’t want her to be, but what she is is awesome and beautiful and my new princess.


I toyed with the idea of continuing to blog about my new cat and me, but decided that perhaps the idea has run its course and a rehash with a new cat would be a poor imitation of the original, so this really is the end.


However... I can’t quite let go, so I’ve renamed my @QueenandLatifa twitter to @MarkandPasha and will continue to tweet about all things kitty and my life with Pasha, so to a minor degree, the legacy lives on. Elsewhere on the net, I’m a writer for gaming website Egg Says Whut? and have just signed up to write for wrestling website Wrestling's Last Hope if you want to read my other work.


All that is left to do is thank everyone that ready Q&L. Thank you.



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Recently, a different ‘pet’ has been vying for my attention. I am the proud owner of a 3DS and have a copy of their virtual pet game Nintendogs + Cats. On said game, I have a dog called Frobisher and a cat called, well, Latifa.


Yes, I am a ridiculous person.

Yes, I did own a Tamagotchi when I was a kid.


Anyway, I now write for gaming website Egg Says Whut?, and have written a review of Nintendogs + Cats. Check it out here.

While you’re there, why not check out my other stuff, and indeed the whole site too? It’s awesome.


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Last month, my brother and Laura (his girlfriend) came back from Sierra Leone (where they live), and my parents wanted to do something special as a family. My parents came up with the marvellous idea of going to the Monkey Forest followed by a visit to the Emma Bridgewater Pottery factory.


At Emma Bridgewater’s, we had a very interesting tour of the factory, and then had the opportunity to paint our own mugs. The five of us sat around using sponges and paintbrushes to create pottery masterpeices.


  • My father, inspired by a holiday to Thailand where he fed baby elephants, used the sponges to create a line of elephants around his mug. Dignified and personal.
  • My mother, a girlie girl at heart, used the butterfly sponges to make a feminine mug that she loved. Dignified and personal.
  • David used a paintbrush to adorn his mug with the flag of Sierra Leone where he currently lives. Dignified and personal.
  • Laura used the sponges to create a nautical themed mug with boats on for her father’s fathers’ day gift. Dignifed and personal.
  • I used the sponges to create the following:



It’s not very dignified, but it’s certainly personal!


M x

I Wonder...

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Wouldn't it be awesome if they did 'Latifa Black Olives' too?!


M x

Project Complete!

Posted on April 2, 2011 at 10:22 PM Comments comments (1)

This is what happens when I'm home alone (well, home with 'Tifa, obviously) on a Friday night:




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I think you'll find that that is an accurate depiction of the diva in pencil sharpener form. I went through 3/4 of a pot of Tipp Ex...


M x


Posted on March 30, 2011 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

My friend Philip has given me this as a gift:



This 'delightful' novelty item is an elaborate pencil sharpener that, when you put your pencil into its bum to sharpen it, meows. Classy.


As wonderful as this item is, it clearly needs a makeover. It requires me, a bottle of tipp ex, and a cat that will inevitably hate being a life model. Yes, I am going to customise said pencil sharpener with tipp ex to make it look like 'Tifa! Oh yes, I am!


I will post a picture of my masterpiece once it is done!


M x

An Aside

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So here’s the thing…


This entry is about how awesome and fulfilled my life is and how I struggle to find time to write entries on both of my blogs. I’m hoping that this entry doesn’t make me look like a whingey old queen. I’m also hoping that it doesn’t come across as an unreliable person making excuses. And finally, I hope it doesn’t come across as boasty and self-righteous either! That’s certainly not the intention, but it inevitably will.


I do a lot of stuff. Seriously. I work full time, have a boyfriend with whom I spend a lot of time, do voluntary work for two charities, sit on four different local community committees/ initiatives (chairing two of them), watch an average of 10 hours wrestling a week, ring announce for two wrestling companies that are 80+ miles away from where I live, play World of Warcraft, play Dark Heresy (it’s kind of like a Sci-Fi Dungeons and Dragons), go out and drink copiously almost every weekend (and have shocking hangovers!), watch a lot of films, read at least a book a week, and fuss over my cat a lot. Oh, and of course, write two blogs.


And that’s the thing: I don’t write entries for either of my blogs as often as I like because I’m busy. In fact, I regularly curse myself for missed opportunities for timely blogs (particularly on GGWF).


I genuinely love everything that I do in my life, but I’m the first to admit that I probably do too much to be able to actually be able to commit as much as I’d like to any of them. It’s a tough choice to drop anything, and the simple truth is that I don’t want to. So I’m not going to. And I guess what I’m saying is that sporadic is the name of the game when it comes to both of my blogs.


Clearly, the solution is to not sleep… ever.


M x

Still Got It!

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Last weekend, my friend Philip came round my place for a gossip and to drink too much wine. Philip is a friend that I have had for a very long time now and an absolute treasure; he is also unashamedly the campest man in the world. Every time I spend time with Phil, he comes out with a string of gems that make me howl with laughter. So much so, in fact, that I have always joked that I would write a sitcom about him one day.


One of Phil’s gems last weekend was:

“’Tifa is the same age as my cat Jess. Except ‘Tifa’s still got her figure, and Jess is a fat old cow these days!”


Two things:

I love how we both talk about our cats like they’re people – it reassures me that I’m not insane (inane?).

And is it wrong to be supremely proud of ‘Tifa’s good looks considering her age? I don’t think I care even if it is!


M x

She Really Likes Me!

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My aforementioned houseguest Andy left today, and I was actually really quite sad was about it. Considering what an isolationist I can often be and that I have lived on my own for the best part of a decade (except for an ill-advised 6 months with an ex-boyfriend that was sort of imposed upon me rather than by choice – long story!), this actually surprised me. However, Andy’s month(ish) long stay has made me discover something about my princess that I didn’t know up until now.


The diva kitty, however much she might actually try to hide it with her diva antics and façade of indifference, actually enjoys, nay craves, human company!


Here’s the evidence:

Every workday, I leave her alone in the flat for somewhere between 7 and 9 hours. When I get back, I am greeted with much meowing and purring and cat headbutts and fuss. I’d always assumed that it was merely begging for treats rather than actually wanting my company, but I was wrong.

With Andy in the flat all day, she no longer immediately greeted me upon my arrival home despite the fact that he didn’t give her treats at any point during the day! However, she would spend large amounts of the day sat with/ on him.


I rest my case!


‘Tifa, you’ve been rumbled!


M x

Don't Mess With The Lady Of The House!

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My friend Andy is crashing at mine for a fortnight or so, and I warned him about ‘Tifa’s ways and that while he’s staying, it’s very much her home that he is the guest in, not mine. Some friends tend to doubt some of the stuff that I’ve posted on this blog over the years, suggesting that I exaggerate ‘Tifa’s temperament for cheap laughs or that she ‘really isn’t as much of a diva as you portray’. I promise that I don’t.


One particular warning that I gave Andy was that he shouldn’t touch her back legs because she doesn’t like it and will hit him. It’s a pretty simple warning that the wise would heed.


So what does he do?


Yup, plays with her back leg.


Predictably he gets a furry punch in response.


Unperturbed, he continues to goad her and touch her back legs again, and she gives him a proper clawing.


Still unperturbed, he continues to antagonise her by touching her back leg again: she digs both sets of front claws into his hand and proceeds to attempt to bite a chunk out of his knuckle.


Andy subsequently shows me his mutilated hand and expects me to sympathise and/ or chastise my Princess.


Sorry duckie – not going to happen!


M x