Queen and Latifa


Like Their Owners?

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Sporadically, I check things like the front page and about the author sections of this blog for accuracy. On my most recent check a couple of days ago, something suddenly dawned upon me.


From the front page of Q&L:

My Princess has a personality like no other, and I completely love her to bits. She is prissy, contrary, set in her ways, fickle, grumpy, clumsy, curious, moody, impatient, intelligent, resourceful, loving, snoozey, needy, playful, dopey, talkative, coquettish, cheeky, friendly, stubborn, eccentric, easily bribed, and a complete diva.


I've always thought it a cliche that pets resemble their owners, but what happens if you switch that cliche and says people resemble their pets?


Let's go through the list of 'Tifa's traits and see if they could be attributed to me too:

  • Prissy - more often than I'd like to admit
  • Contrary - also more often than I'd like to admit
  • Set in her ways - without a doubt
  • Fickle - goodness, yes
  • Grumpy - oh yes
  • Clumsy - unfortunately true
  • Curious - ish
  • Moody - hmmmm; ask The Jamie
  • Impatient - hell yes
  • Intelligent - I don't see it; but it is something that has been used to describe me
  • Resourceful - I'd like to think so
  • Loving - in the right context
  • Snoozey - unfortunately
  • Needy - occassionally
  • Playful - perhaps not as much as I once was, but yes
  • Dopey - unfortunately
  • Talkative - yup
  • Coquettish - I'm too old, but formerly maybe
  • Cheeky - yeah
  • Friendly - I hope so
  • Stubborn - definitely
  • Eccentric - and proud of it
  • Easily bribed - yeah




Maybe there is something to that old cliche after all...


M x 


Wardrobe Kitteh

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I love it when 'Tifa surprises me:




Wardrobe Kitteh is watching you!




First thing I'd like to point out is: no, I didn't put her there. As if she'd let me put her anywhere she didn't want to be put!

She actually managed to get there utilising a particularly agile leap for such an old lady from my bed which is 3ft below and 2 ft away from the wardrobe shelf. Had I not seen her actually do it, I'd not have thought that such a feat was possible: particularly with the accuracy she manages.


The first time she did this, I didn't spot that she was there, and as such, closed the doors on her! It scared the living daylights out of me when I heard a yowl, some scratchings, and then suddenly saw a cat come flying from out of the wardrobe doors! I don't mind admitting that I screamed like a girl!


After that incident, I always make sure she's not there before closing my wardrobe!


Thing is, she has decided that it's one of her 'places' now alongside her side of the sofa, the living room windowsill, my lap when I'm sleeping, and the computer chair. So as soon as the wardrobe is open, she goes for it. It's even got to the point where she's clocked that if I've got the ironing board out, the wardrobe is going to be open. Without fail, if I'm ironing, Little Miss Meow Meow is sat chilling in the wardrobe on my jeans! And, much to my chagrin, she is an absolute horror if I try and move her once she's there: wriggly, grumpy, claw happy old diva!


My cat is certainly one of a kind!


M x

Sleep V Diva

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Last night, I was minding my own business watching a bit of wrestling before I went to bed (I write a wrestling blog too by the way [please note – it’s not as family friendly as Q&L]).


In saunters Little Miss Meow Meow (oh yes, yet another silly nickname for Latifa – I’m sure you’re not surprised). As usual, she pauses to stare at me, and then disdainfully struts over to the computer chair and sits down.This is very much the norm and the way we both like it.


The wrestling finishes and I switch the light off and go to bed. All is tranquil and as it should be in Chez Q&L.


It is at this point that ‘Tifa decides that it is time randomly to go into hyperactivity central. She goes nuts: pelting around the flat, growling, attacking random things, bouncing off walls, skidding across the laminate because she is bolting around so fast, and finally jumping up and down on me while I try to get to sleep.


So I sit up, and she bounds away. Desperate for some peace, I shut her out of the bedroom.


Peace and quiet.


For 5 minutes.


Then she starts pining at the bedroom door and scratching it. You'd be amased how loudly a teeny tiny kitty can whine when trying to emotionally blackmail a queen that is particularly succeptible to such tactics.


The thing is, having had really cripplingly awful sleep problems at the tail end of last year, the last thing I need is a needy kitty disturbing me when I have work in the morning.


So I let her in again.


She smacks me and heads back to the computer chair; I shrug and go back to bed.


Fine minutes later, my princess joins me and curls up next to me.


All is right in the world, and we both go to sleep.

Love that bloomin' diva even if she totally nuts...


M x 


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 A few weeks back, someone linked this youtube video to my facebook profile (please note that there are non-family friendly words in this video):



You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.



As you do when someone sends you a link that they think you'll find funny, you click on it. I did, and I did indeed find said video amusing.


However, within seconds of the sound of another cat going on in her 'territory' (Chez Q&L), 'Tifa had bounded into the bedroom (where the PC is) and was hissing and screaming and bouncing off the walls.


Whoops! I clearly need to be more careful of the kitty related things I access in the diva kitty's flat!


M x