Queen and Latifa

Friends of 'Tifa - A Gallery of Cats!

This page is for friends of 'Tifa - it's simply a gallery of all your lovely cats. If you read Queen and Latifa and would like a picture of your puss up on the site, please email me with a photo telling me the name of your cat and your location to and I'll add your kitty as a friend of 'Tifa!

Thank you to everyone that has sent me a picture of their puss cat. Every cat pic sent in will be posted up as soon as possible.

Without further ado, I give you... Friends of 'Tifa!



  Babushka - Manchester, England 


  Baby - Lancaster, England



  Clio - Huntington, UK 


  Dave Grohl - Salford, England


  Eva - Manchester, England


   Fifi - Newcastle, England



   Hattie - Wolverhampton, England 



    Hercules - Stafford, England



   Izzy - Edinburgh, Scotland



   Jess - Hornsea, England


  Jimmy 'the Gentleman' Huckle - Salford, England


  Lola - Salford, England


  Lotus - Huntington, England 



   Missie - Manchester, England


   Moses - Manchester, England 



   Obi-Kat-Kenobi - Kent, England



  Oscar - Manchester, England


  Pebbles - Fife, Scotland



   Rico - Manchester, England


   Rolo - Bristol, England 



   Spencer - Newcastle, England


   Tara - Newcastle, England



   Toyah - England



   TJ - Manchester, England  



  Zaney - London, England



 Gone But Not Forgotten

  Friends of 'Tifa that are no longer with us, but we still love them and miss them.


  Big Ellwood - Stafford, England 


   Gismo - Rugeley, England



   Horse - Alotau, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea


  Jake - Stafford, England


  Little Ellwood - Stafford, England 


  Tids - Salford, England